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Lady Luck Photography specializes in Los Angeles Aerial Video and Photography for Realtors, Insurance companies, Event promoters, Party planners, government agencies, and the general public

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Lady Luck Photography is a full-service aerial photography and video company committed to providing exceptional Views from Above. Our fleet of Aerial Photography in Los Angeles platforms allow us to provide you with the images you need, when you need them, at a competetive rate. Lady Luck Photography's exclusive, robotic aerial cameras are purpose-built by hand to ensure safety, dependability and performance. Our top of the line Los Angeles Aerial Photography and videography delivers unbelievable results at a fraction of the cost of a traditional manned aerial photography service. Our drones allow us to secure stunning aerial photographs and videos that can’t be done with any other type of aerial platform including helicopters. We can capture high resolution photos from ground level to 400 ft and everywhere in-between.


If you want to promote, illustrate, survey, or research an area or building then open the dialogue with us now.  All advice is free and there is no obligation to commit, but once you begin to appreciate what can be achieved we feel sure you’ll want to take it further. Los Angeles Aerial Photography just placing a camera on a drone and taking to the air. You need to know the rules and regulations, that’s why at Lady Luck Photography we take great care in our aerial photography. We start each flight with a scouting mission. We look for obstacles and public safety issues along with flight restrictions. We take the same care as if we are taking the actual airplane.


Our high resolution digital aerial photography enables our clients to zoom in on areas of the event in great detail, whilst at the same time providing panoramic views of the event. All our clients have specific requirements and objectives and we will tailor our event aerial photography service to suit your needs. At Lady Luck Photography, we take pride in creating quality products for events ranging from large public gatherings to intimate private functions.  Our extensive Los Angeles Aerial Photography experience with drones allowes us to capture unique aerial shots that are incredibly smooth and showcase the amazing natural landscapes that make up Southern California.







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